Security Guard Training Institute

Basics of Security

Security means free from danger and threat. It means safety measures taken to be safe and protected.

SECURITY FULL FORM : S-Safeguard, E-Eagle eye, C-Courageous, U-Uniform, R-Robust, I-Intelligent, T- Trained, Y-Young.

Who are Private Security Guard

In India, the ratio of police to population is very low and that is why demand of private security increases. With increase in population the unlawful activities also increase and that’s where the private security guard role comes. Private security guards are mainly appointed for guarding services as their main work is to guard whether i.e for personal security, Handling Security of Societies or security in special events. Personals of India who are 18 years to  65 years and  having physical standards as per PSARA 2009 are eligible for enrollment in the security guard services. 

Security guard training institute also plays a very important role in appointing them because what matter the most is from where a security guard trained and how did he performed his training in security guard training institute.

Eligibility for Security Guards


Private Security Guard Services

A private Security guard has to follow rules to carry out his duties effectively. A security guard standing on a gate represents a company so he must obey the rules of the employer with proper discipline. Private Security guards  manage services like Personal Security, ATM Security, Handling Security of Societies, Special event security and more.

Personal Security 

In this type of security the unarmed security guard is responsible for the security of a  particular person. Like – VIP Protection

Property/Material Security and Information Security

Own property, Principal employer property, Service Provider property/Material

ATM Security

Due to increase in the ATM services there is a need for someone to guard ATM machines to prevent theft. So, private security guards are appointed by banks to prevent theft. 

Security of Societies

Securities of societies are generally handled by private security guards. As a security guard one has the responsibility to secure the entry and exit in a society. They have to maintain a proper register so to stop unauthorized entries.

Special Event Security

Generally private security guards are deployed to manage the security of special event security.

Security Training

So, the services which are mentioned above requires a proper training. Om Sai Security Training Institute is one of the best security guard training institute as it provides the right security guard training so that they can perform their duties effectively and efficiently. This Psara Training Institute in Delhi provide provide both indoor and outdoor training to security guards so that along with theoretical knowledge they should also get physical training. The trainers in Om Sai Security Guard Training Institute ensures to provide full knowledge of Security Courses so that they could serve in any situation.

Here are the types of security guard training i.e Indoor Training and Outdoor Training

Indoor Training

Indoor Security Guard Training includes:

1- Legal and Procedural Provisions related to security

2- Use of computer and Electronic Appliances in security arrangements

3- Public Dealing 

4- First aid Training

5- Equipment Training

Outdoor Training

Outdoor Security Guard Training includes:

1- Physical fitness training- Stretching, Running.

2- Code of Conduct training- Standing in a queue, following orders.

3- Drills – Saluting, walking in coordination, Dressing full uniform

4- Endurance Training –  Climbing on the ropes, Balancing, Pull ups and more.

5- Gate Control and Documentations – Maintaining registers, proper checking while someone is entering into restricted areas.

These are just a few Indoor and Outdoor Training Exercises. Apart from these there are many other exercises which are not mentioned here.

Security Guard Certification

1- ExServicemen.   Certificate to be issued on completion of 40 hours of indoor training and 16 hours of outdoor training.

2- Civilians. Certificate to be issued on completion of 100 hours of indoor training and 60 hours of outdoor training.

Both the training certificates must be issued by an authorized security guard training institute.


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