Female Security Guard Training

With increasing women empowerment in India , now women are doing great in every sector whether i.e education, civil services and defence services. Om Sai Psara Training Institute is a leading security guard training institute in delhi that provides training to females who are interested in working in security sector and willing to break the trend who thinks that security  is a sector mainly for men. 

In this Female Security Guard Training program our trainers will provide equipment training, theoretical knowledge and physical training as per PSARA rules and regulations. After doing this training program they will be able to tackle any security emergencies easily. 

In this training program they will be doing outdoor training where they have to do exercises like push ups, rope climbing, balacing, running, drills and many more physical exercises to become physically fit.

In Indoor training they will be taught about how to use security equipments,  soft skills, first aid, ability to write short notes, maintaining registers and personality development classes.