Armed Security Guard Training

armed security guard

Possession of Firearms

As per Arms act 1959 the following personnel are authorized to have a firearm

1- License issued by authorized competent authority

      2 – Only 3 weapons issued to a person.

      3 – License to be renewed as per instructions.

          4 – License to be shown police authority as and when asked

      5 – Ammunition to be purchased from authorized dealers

 Fundamentals of firearm and safety

          1 – Put your firearm barrel in safe sight.

      2 – Don’t aim on a person without valid reasons.

      3 – Avoid finger on trigger.

          4 – No Ammunition on chamber

      5 – Firearms to be tagged with belt to avoid snatching.

      6 – Don’t use firearms when alcohol/drugs consumption

      7 – Don’t use misfired ammunition

      8 – Don’t use muzzle of barrel with hand

           9 – Always treat a weapon as loaded

      10 – Firearms to be repaired from only authorized armor.

      11 – Always keep fire license/record safely.

      12 – Do not modify your weapon

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